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“Sound Exhibit”

As we all know, art and culture make countries different and unique from each other. One way to enrich our artistic and cultural worlds is by strengthening our diverse identities that are immersed in this increasingly globalized planet.
The expansion of art means therefore, to provide creators and artists with suitable tools to stimulate their intellectual creativity and to expose their works in society.

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There are still great challenges in promoting and protecting our cultural growth.
For this reason, our artistic proposal "Sound Exhibit" is an audio/visual experience that will happen in Chile. This musical event is a project dedicated to the creation, accomplishment and transmission of musical and historical education programs. Thus, our main objective is to contribute to the complete education of Chileans.
“JEMA Importadora” supports these types of initiatives, allowing space on the website for new projects and their exposure.

Therefore, we invite you to publish your cultural proposal on our site.

For more information , please write to

Phone Numbers: 223 75 38 // New Cell number: 7-757 04 05