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There are old preconceptions present from early Christianity to Protestant Reform against commercial activity that ethics and business are incompatible. This is still present today. However, I believe both ethics and business working together are essential for success.

In the course of my professional musical life which extends for more than forty years, I have acquired the knowledge and experienced the needs and issues important to a great majority of wind instrument players, which has led me to the decision to enter the difficult and complex world of business in the imports and supplies of musical instruments.

This is when Importadora Jema Ltda.(Jema Imports Limited)is created. 

Importadora Jema Ltda., is a family business created in 2006 supporting its creation in offering new and fresh opportunities to our Chilean musicians, opening possibilities of the search and comparison of materials available in the market.

Jorge Espinoza F

As the General Manager of Importadora Jema Ltda., I give you the warmest welcome and I invite you to explore our products.

Jorge Espinoza F.
Phone Numbers: 223 75 38 // New Cell number: 7-757 04 05